Milwaukee sure knows how to throw a party.

Bastille days and Jazz festival have been GREAT so far. Let me recount…

Its the 30th anniversary of Milwaukee celebrating this important French uprising event and they know how to throw a party. There was plenty of entertainment, music, food of all kinds and places to spend your money.

For one part of the festivities, I participated in the “charging” of the Bastille, a 5k run that was full of cheering, bubbles, a refreshing water hose and tons of encouragement from spectators. Passing through the streets was exhilarating and quite the incredible experience. I loved every moment of it. My calves not so much, but fortunately there was plenty of shouting from the crowds and craziness from those running that my mind didn’t spend too much time thinking about that. I will make a note that next time I will not drink beer beforehand… The two berry leinies did my belly something fierce. Other more trained Wisconsiners can carry on with that.

After the run, a New Orleans-inspired music group known as Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds helped to keep up our energy. Meanwhile, Tavia went in search of food/dinner and found corn on the cob (plz not GMed!), a falafel sandwich and a gelatto which sealed the deal.

During the day I walked @ listening to live music of all genres but my fav was coming across a French gal singing Edith Piaf renditions. People watching and looking at jewelry and vendors’ fair was amusing and tempting in addition. Yesterday when I went back to Bastille days with my hosters from warmshowers/couch surfers, we got a taste of sangria slushie and enjoyed more music and their sweetie pie baby girl. My stay at the urban eco village has been a unique one. The very concept of sharing a living space, car, having meals and gardening together is something I respect and appreciate quite a bit. The need to make radical changes in the way we live our lives will be soon. I just hope that the ideology of cooperative living will continue to spread. NY and other states such as MI have eco villages that are more modern than what I stayed at, with community services and jobs right there close to home for many reasons. I’m very open to my future and where or what I might find myself living in. whatever it is I will continue living in consciousness and full awareness.

Visiting a friend of mine in Chicago and seeing their cooperative lifestyle gave me a glimpse into the world I had attempted to apply to (but never finished). In college I wanted to not only save money but I wanted to share meals with healthy-minded people who understand the concept of environmental conservation and community. My friend Alex who is working on his Master’s thesis right now (Yay!!!) in Chicago lives at a coop and I loved visiting it. Upon returning from my time in Peru I plan on looking for a job and then something like this shared living situation.
Rather than going to the bars and spending time and money on debauchery I stumbled soberly into Botanica. I do think I was intended to stop in (although I was incredibly exhausted and ready for bed at this point). My moral and spirit were down a bit and although I should have gone home because I had no money, the Psychic offered to take only $40 of my dollars rather than the $300 she normally charges. Wow. What fool would be silly enough to walk away from this!? So I agreed out of curiosity. Whether or not she could see into the future or had abilities to read crystals and interpret futures, I found the experience to be therapeutic. Her findings: My throat and stomach chakras are unbalanced. I will be in a relationship with this person I met in my travels for a year, or more and it will be good. I will have the time of my life in Peru and meet amazing people that will keep me open and thinking about my career and my personal success (up to interpretation). I have strong intuition that will always guide me into the right direction (hmm like it led me to her shop?). AND I have a negative spirit in me that won’t let go. Its male. Go figure. “All women’s problems start with men: menopause, menstruation, mental disorders….” I received a Psalms Bible, a cross to always wear over my heart, and a small baggy of a powdery substance that looks like cocaine. But isn’t of course. Instead, its some blessed witch doctor powder from New Orleans. Eh it for all I know it really could be cocaine…from New Orleans. Before leaving she gave me her number and told me to call her and keep her updated on how I am. Now, what I believe is that we are all able to reflect back and offer what we see in one another. Every human is capable of consoling another human and I don’t believe in special powers but wisdom through age and experience. This woman sensed what I needed and wanted to hear. I most definitely see how it can be dangerous entering one of these shops if you don’t have enough self truth already. My advice: know yourself and know what you have questions about then ask only those. Be open but don’t believe in everything that’s out of context for you.
Speaking about my future and what type of home I’ll live in, I have. Just come across my dream home. Its lavender outside and painted shades of the color. 2015 Wauwatosa ave in Milwaukee. Note the pict. I’d also like to live in Chicago, the “windy city”. The name comes from the wind bag politicians not the actual weather condition. Its got everything: cleanliness, garden sculptures, blues/jazz, great sushi! And bfast places such as 11 City Diner and Yolk. It seems like there is always a festival or concert happening and if you don’t want the city but need to stay near, hit up the Lake shore drive to enjoy the beach or watch the sailboats.